Q: What do you teach in your classes?

A: Acting, auditioning for film, television and commercials, camera technique, scene study and script analysis, on-set etiquette, emotional access and availability, comedy, sitcom, drama, monologues, and more. Class sizes are so small that we can work with students to give each of them the tools they need, instead of working through a “fixed” curriculum.

Q: Will this class really be okay for a beginning actor? What about a more experienced one?

A: More experienced students are assigned longer/more difficult scenes, and new students are assigned shorter/easier scenes. Small classes mean that we can find the right balance of support & challenge for each student. More experienced students gain confidence from supporting newer students, and newer students benefit from the experience of their peers.

Q: Will it be the same class as last time?

A: No. Class is always changing, with new scripts and new exercises. Many of our students train regularly for years, much the same way that an athlete continues to train and hone their skills, even once they’ve started competing professionally.

Q: Will we get to see video from the class?

A: Yes. Video from class is uploaded to a private DropBox folder after each class. That link is shared with parents at the beginning of class, and those videos are available to view and download at any time.

Q: What about online classes? Do they really work?

A: Absolutely. In the last few years we’ve seen really significant results with students who are in class consistently, and those students are experiencing a competitive “edge” in a working environment where most auditions are either self tapes (i.e. record at home using your own device) or run virtually through a service like Zoom. Since we’re teaching on-camera acting skills, students actually spend more time observing themselves on camera while taking an online class. And online students at Biz don’t just get to work in class with their peers, they also get a 30min private session each week with one of our Rehearsal Coaches, something that the online format makes accessible and easy.

Q: What is a talent agent? What is a casting director? How do auditions work?

A: Great questions! Check out the “Confidence on Camera” Handbook on our Free Stuff page for answers to all those questions and more! Note that acting schools in BC are forbidden by law from being talent agents… but if you want we’ll include you in the web gallery of unrepresented students that we send out to talent agents each semester, lots of our students find their agent that way.

Q: What about really experienced students?

A: For young actors with professional-level skills who want to hone their craft we do have a class that is available by invitation or audition only. If you are interested in arranging a video-audition please Contact Us and we’ll send you all the details!

Q:What’s your cancellation policy?

A: Students who cancel a minimum of two weeks prior to the start of the class will be refunded 100% of the course fee, less a $20 processing fee.

We want to hear from you. Let us know how we can help your young actor do more of what they love.