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Teens Film+TV Acting Classes | Ages 12-17

Biz Studio students have about twice the one-on-one time with faculty as students at other schools (max of 6 students per class). We have a legacy of training young actors who go on to work in the industry, *outstanding* instructors, and a beautiful downtown campus inside a working film & tv casting studio at 788 Beatty St.

Kids Film+TV Acting Classes | Ages 8-11

Our goal at Biz Studio is to demand the highest level of performance from our students, while still encouraging their love of acting by balancing discipline with fun. We are passionate about good acting. And fun.

BizKids Film+TV Acting Classes | Ages 5-7

Fast Paced & Interactive: Classes take a maximum of four so the instructor can keep students on their feet and working. With this age group repetition is key, and kids work the same basic technical skills each class, getting lots of practice working different scenes and exercises.