Michael Bean | Head Coach

Founder and principal coach at Biz Studio, Michael is one of the best-respected coaches and teachers for young actors in Vancouver. A classically trained actor with an extensive film and television resume (IMDB), Michael is the author of “Confidence on Camera: A Handbook for Young Actors”, which is used by many local talent agents as a primer for clients new to the industry. Michael brings the same attention to detail as an instructor that he expects from his students, and his teaching style is characterized by an infectious enthusiasm.

“We always know when one of Michael’s students walks in the room; they just know what they’re doing.” -Casting director Kris Woznesensky


Leanne Lapp | Coach + Teacher

Leanne fell in love with teaching while teaching improv after high school and has been teaching and coaching ever since. A busy working actor whose resume includes The Killing, Fringe, Continuum, Rogue, iZombie, and numerous TV movies (more on IMDB), she started in the industry in Vancouver as a teen and brings that direct experience and perspective to her work with students. Her teaching style is enthusiastic and precise, with an emphasis on helping students make clear choices.


Emily Tennant | Coach + Teacher

Emily started in commercials at age five, booked her first lead role in a movie at age ten, and has been working regularly ever since. Young actors might remember her as “Ivy” in the series Mr. Young, or “Amy Walker” in Flicka 2, but her resume ranges from dramatic television (Supernatural, Dark Angel, Kingdom Hospital), to feature films like the Oscar-winning Juno and lighter fare like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and multiple Hallmark movies (more on IMDB). She’s a busy audition coach, and works regularly as a reader for local casting directors Sean Cossey and JJ Ogilvy. Emily’s teaching style balances technical precision with warmth and easy humour.


Stephanie Halber | Coach + Teacher

Stephanie is a veteran teacher and working actor, with experience in acting, voice, dance and musical theatre. A graduate of the Canadian College for Performing Arts and former head of youth programming for Victoria’s Screen Actors Studio, she’s worked on both sides of the camera as an actor, AD, and children’s casting director. She currently serves as Producer for Vancouver Web Fest, and works regularly as a reader and casting assistant for casting director Tiffany Mak. Her young clients have been incredibly successful in the last year, including one recent student whose first-ever professional role took her to Mumbai for six weeks as a supporting lead in the feature HEARTBEATS, or another young student who spent all summer working with Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson on the feature film TULLY. Stephanie is passionate about supporting young actors, and has an incredibly warm and approachable teaching style.


Michelle Creber | Coach + Teacher

As a voice artist, Michelle is probably best known as the speaking/singing voice of “Apple Bloom” and the singing voice for “Sweetie Belle” on the hit animated series “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”, but she’s been at this for a while. Daughter of two professional musicians and producers, her first professional recording session (Armoury Studios) and her first major concert solo (Vancouver’s 3000 seat Queen Elizabeth Theatre) were both at age four, and she’s been working steadily ever since (Peanuts, New Adventures of Peter Pan, Strange Empire, Supernatural, Smart Cookies, Killer Among Us, Christmas Lodge, The Haunting Hour, The Search for Santa Paws; more on IMDB). A professional singer, Michelle has recorded lead vocals on over a dozen albums in addition to the soundtracks for many TV shows & movies, including the theme song for NBCs Nina’s World, and a duet with Billy Joel for the Hallmark movie Just the Way You Are. Her latest album, “On Display”, released in June 2018, sold and streamed in over 65 countries, and in its first week made the US Top 100 Billboard charts. At nineteen she is the youngest member of Biz Studio’s staff, and uniquely qualified to appreciate the kind of support young actors need. Her coaching and teaching is characterized by the intelligence and fierce commitment that drove her own early successes.

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