Very Young Actors (Ages 5-7) | Film+TV Acting Classes

Sundays 12:00-1:00 or 1:00-2:00 w. Emily Tennant — April 16th to June 25th (no class on long weekends)
3 Month Subscription – $242/Month
The Casting Place Studios, 33 E. 7th Ave, Vancouver BC
Only 2 Students Per Class | Double the one on one time at other schools.

Fun, fast-paced, small-group on camera acting lessons. Students learn and practice the skills they would need to audition and work professionally, using practice scripts from real film+tv auditions assigned by the instructor specifically for their needs and skill level. The scripts are always different, so that lessons stay fun and engaging over time. Video from each class is recorded and uploaded so you can see the progress for yourself. This is professional skill-building for young folks (the fun version).

Young actors do best with focused attention and repetition, and it’s necessary to work on the same skills week after week to slowly internalize them. With enough practice, they won’t even have to think about where to stand, where to look, what to say, and that’s when those young actors become most able to play and be fully expressive on camera. That’s also when they’re experienced by decision makers as the most talented.


BIZ STUDIO has a twenty-year track record of helping students make their dream of working professionally in film and television a reality. While many experienced/working actors study with us, no experience is needed to start, only a willingness to learn, practice and play. For more information check out our FAQ.

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