What To Look For In A Talent Agent

Biz Studio has a video “Web Gallery” of unrepresented students that goes out once a semester to all the most reputable local talent agencies, the ones that we trust to do good business (i.e. 15% commission, no agency fees, small-ish rosters, get work for their kids). This is the advice that I included in my recent emails to parents whose children were requested for meetings by talent agents reviewing the gallery.

  There’s no obligation to take a meeting with an agent who’s interested in you, and no obligation to sign with the one you meet. If you can it’s a good idea to meet with several agents to get a feel for each one’s personality. All talent agents have the same access to the “breakdowns” sent out by casting directors, so deciding factors can be (a) an established agent can have stronger relationships with casting directors (b) a newer agent may have more incentive to push casting directors to see new talent, i.e. you (c) an agent who’s excited about you is the one who will help you get work (d) you have to trust your agent 100% and be comfortable asking them for advice and taking it on an ongoing basis, potentially for years. It’s also important to understand the concept of “conflict” on an agents roster—a good agent won’t even take a meeting if they already represent someone who looks like you, no matter how talented you are. If you’ve been requested for a meeting, it means that there’s an opening on their roster for someone with your “look.” If you need a refresher on what talent agents do and what they look for you can go to www.bizstudio.ca/confidence to find the Choosing A Talent Agent PDF.  All the best! -Michael Bean, Owner+Head Coach, Biz Studio