Casting Director Stuart Aikins: Advice for Actors Part 10 (The Mark of a Professional)

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Stuart Aikins is a Vancouver-based casting director with 35 years of experience casting across Canada, including Vancouver casting for the hugely popular Twilight series (New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn). He is the recipient of an Emmy Nomination and a Casting Society of America (CSA) Award for Best Mini-Series Casting. In July 2011 he sat down with students at Biz Studio’s Summer Intensive.


Q: A young actors walks into the room, what makes you say “Wow, this person is really professional.”

A: If they really get down to doing their work. Don’t ask questions before doing the work. An actor who’s really professional knows how to get themselves “there” and they’re ready to go, and they do it. Not socializing in the room, prepping for the work.