Casting Director Stuart Aikins: Advice for Actors Part 4 (Taped Auditions)

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Stuart Aikins is a Vancouver-based casting director with 35 years of experience casting across Canada, including Vancouver casting for the hugely popular Twilight series (New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn). He is the recipient of an Emmy Nomination and a Casting Society of America (CSA) Award for Best Mini-Series Casting. In July 2011 he sat down with students at Biz Studio’s Summer Intensive.


Q: How do taped auditions work for you?

A: Nothing beats being in the room, most directors/producers cast straight from the tape, directors don’t know how you do what you do and most talk in results, most directors don’t want to give direction in the room, actors are lazy they only learn the lines they don’t prep the rest.

Q: What about self tapes?

A: Self tapes are fine, it has to be good work because you’ll get frank feedback, the importance of having a good relationship with your agent so you can get honest feedback.

Q: So it’s good to talk to your agent? Which you should do once a year?

A: You should talk to your agent at least every week or two so they know what to submit you for appropriately. If you self-tape then I’ll notice. You have to take your career in your hands, agent or no.