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Welcome to Biz Studio’s July Hotsheet! Here’s what you’ll find inside:

1. Fall Classes at Biz Studio
2. Hot Tip: Act Talent Looking for Kids
3. Audition Tip: Stress & Anxiety
4. Film Talk: Agents

Biz Studio [[Classes for Young Actors]] in Vancouver BC


Junior Class (Ages 8-12), Saturdays 10am-12noon, Sept.23-Dec.2
Senior Class (Ages 13-17), Saturdays 1pm-3pm, Sept.23-Dec.2
Professional Class (audition required), Weds/Thurs 4:30-6:30pm, starts Sept.20/21


Ten weeks of intense training in film, television and commercials, Confidence on Camera is more than just a class. Biz Studio coaches Michael Bean and Dena Ashbaugh teach acting and audition technique, and a host of other practical on-camera skills. Then on week ten, local talent agents are invited to our student showcase. At the spring showcase an astounding 70% of our new students found representation!

All that and a few surprise guests for only $295. To reserve your space call (604) 801-7050, classes are limited to eight participants.

(CAN’T WAIT? We have a few spots left in our August Intensive Class, Sr.Aug.14-18 and Jr.Aug.21-25. Details online at www.bizstudio.ca/classes.html!)



Hot tip from agent Brigitte Siebert at Act Talent — they’re looking for kids to add to their roster right now! Send a headshot, resume and a decent picture of your fine self to “Act Talent, attn: Brigitte, BOX 477, 280 Nelson Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2E2.” For more info on what to include in your submission, check out the Biz Studio “Resources” section.



Biz Studio brought in child psychologist and anxiety expert Dr. Nancy Michel to talk to our July Intensive Classes, and here’s a (very) short version of what she had to say.

“Anxiety is that feeling that everybody gets sometimes that something is going to go wrong. Imagine a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is as relaxed as you can be and 10 is so anxious that you can’t do anything at all. Now a little bit of anxiety can be a good thing, because it helps us be alert and active, but too much anxiety can be a bad thing.”

Let’s use an example. Think about a time you were at a 6 or 7; a time when you were performing, auditioning, or even just giving a presentation to a class, and you started to have a really bad feeling that something would go wrong.

What were you thinking? It’s really normal to start thinking thoughts like “I’m going to make a mistake” or “Everybody will laugh.” If that happens, ask yourself with each thought “Is that true?” and “Is it encouraging?” When we’re anxious, it’s easy to start thinking things that don’t help us. Sticking to true and encouraging thoughts will help.

What was happening in your body? It’s really normal to get butterflies in your tummy, to have trouble breathing or to take really fast breaths, to get jittery feelings or have your beating really fast. If that happens, you can use a technique called “square breathing.” Breathe in slowly for two seconds, hold your breath for two seconds, breathe out for two seconds, hold your lungs empty for two seconds. Those slow breaths will help your body calm down.”

So listen to the experts: the next time you’re worried before going into an audition stop, take a deep breath, and check to see if what you’re thinking is TRUE and ENCOURAGING.



COMMISSION: A real agent only makes money when you make money, they take a comission–a 15% cut of what you make on each film, tv or commercial appearance.

COMMERCIAL AGENT: An agent that represents actors only for roles in television commercials and print ads.

COVER LETTER: A very brief letter of interest that you send out when you’re looking for an agent (i.e. “Hi, my name is blah, I’m blah years old, and I’m currently looking for representation.”)

DEMO TAPE: A short (2-3min) VHS or DVD of you performing several contrasting scenes–an agent will sometimes ask for a demo tape before signing a new actor.

EXTRAS AGENT: An agent or agency that mostly represents extras or background performers–people that stand around in the background of a shot (usually doesn’t involve acting, it’s like being part of the scenery).

LOOK: What you look like, including your age, ethnicity, hair colour etc. Your look determines what kinds of roles an agent can submit you for, and when you’re looking for an agent it’s important to know how many other actors they have with your “look.”

PRINCIPALS AGENT: An agent that represents actors for speaking roles in film and television.

REPRESENTATION: An agent “represents” an actor by finding auditions and speaking to casting directors for them. An actor looking for an agent is “looking for representation.”

RESUME: A list of your performing experience (acting, modeling, dance, singing, etc.), performance training, and special skills (performance, sports, etc.)

VOICE OVER AGENT: An agent that represents actors only for “voice over” roles that require just the voice but no picture (i.e. some commercials, radio, animation, etc.)

(for more info see www.bizstudio.ca/resources.html)

Biz Studio [[Classes for Young Actors]] in Vancouver BC