Film, like life, is visual first. As an actor you need to know how you look on film so that you can use it to your advantage. That includes your physical appearance, grooming, clothing, accessories, makeup, etc. Each little change that you make in the way that you look will change what people think about you when they look at your image on film. When agents, directors and casting directors talk about your look they’re not just talking about how beautiful you are. What they’re talking about is what they think about you by looking at your image on camera. It includes the type of characters that they can see you playing. Knowing the type of characters you can play convincingly and well is incredibly useful. It can be very difficult for new actors to be seen by casting directors, so anything you can do to help them know how to cast you is a professional asset. You’ll want to get a headshot that showcases your look and type, for instance. Learn to use your own unique combination to your advantage and it will help you get work.

EXERCISE: Take a picture of yourself on a good day and ask 10 friends, “If you hadn’t met me and you saw this picture, how would you describe me? What kind of person do you think I’d be? What would I do for a living or for fun?” Now ask 10 strangers. This should give you an idea of the kind of assumptions that people make based on your physical appearance, the way that you hold yourself, the way you smile, etc. Most of these things won’t change easily so the best thing that you can do is use them to your advantage.