Ever thought about sending a casting director something? Here are some basic rules:

Christmas cards are okay, birthday cards are a stretch, thank you cards are practically a requirement. It’s a great idea to send a little card to the casting director every time you book something. It’s both polite and professional, and keeps you on the top of their mind. If you’re keen you should also send out a little card to all the casting directors every time you’re appearing in a play or you have a good role in a film or tv series. It’s very normal in Los Angeles, but only a few people do it here.

When you book your first speaking role, or if you book a role that’s bigger than the one’s that you normally audition for, it means that the casting director has been pushing for you. A small thank you gift is very appropriate in that case. Keep it simple, you can almost never go wrong with chocolate or flowers, for instance. Never ever send gifts unless you’re booking with that casting director… it makes you look desperate. Never give a gift just because you want something. Gifts should always be an authentic appreciation of the person you’re giving to. How’s that for a holiday thought?

Michael Bean
Head Coach, Biz Studio

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