About Biz Studio

Biz Studio is a professional screen acting school for Kids & Teens, operating out of Beatty Street Casting Studios at 788 Beatty St (B2 Level) at Robson St. in downtown Vancouver. Founded in 2002, we are one of the most respected training facilities for young actors in Vancouver. Many of our young students work regularly in Film, Television and Commercials. Our goal at Biz Studio is to demand the highest level of performance from our students, while still encouraging their love of acting by balancing discipline with fun. We are passionate about good acting. And fun.

    Mission: To prepare young actors to audition and work in BC’s film and television industry by providing professional, practical, small-group on-camera training.

Classes are fun and supportive, with a focus on putting in the work to be professional and developing a strong work ethic. Our actor training builds skills like self-confidence, self-awareness, listening skills, self management and emotional availability — valuable life skills at any age, and a real advantage for young actors.

Very Small Class Size: Six students maximum. The best staff-to-student ratio in town means that instructors can choose material appropriate to each student, and that students receive a lot of individual attention.

Professional: Instructors are all working actors and veteran coaches. Classes are based around the skills students need to audition and work on set.

Practical: Classes are held in a working casting studio at 788 Beatty St in downtown Vancouver. Video from class is uploaded to the website so you and your agent can track your progress. Students without an agent are included in our online showcase, and are regularly signed by local agents.

Class Descriptions

    No on-camera experience is needed to take one of our acting classes. We believe that in our very small classes (max of 6) a mix of skill levels is beneficial to all students. New students learn from the successful performances of their peers, and experienced students are reminded of the skills that are a foundation for good acting. In acting there is no right and wrong, no better or worse, just more effective and less effective ways to tell the story.

Many actors study with us over a course of several years, working on progressively more sophisticated material. We use small class sizes and a personalized curriculum to ensure that each actor is challenged appropriately, always assigning new material and helping each student push the edges of their current abilities.

Confidence on Camera: Honesty & Camera Technique. Appropriate for new actors, actors new to on-camera work, and actors transitioning to film & TV from other performing disciplines (dance, singing, etc.). Confidence on Camera students work to develop a strong foundation in honesty (your body, your voice, be yourself, listen & react), and are assigned a professional film+tv audition script to prepare each week as part of developing strong camera & audition technique.

On Camera Scene Study: Story & Subtext. Appropriate for actors with a good foundation in honesty and camera technique. On Camera Scene Study students work to master script analysis, story structure, and bringing their full emotional and personal lives to their characters. Students are assigned a professional film+tv audition script to prepare each week.

Intermediate/Advanced On-Camera Scene Study: Range & Depth. Appropriate for actors with a good foundation in Scene Study, either from on-set experience or previous training. Intermediate/Advanced On Camera Scene Study students work to expand their emotional depth and the range of characters they can play. Students are assigned a professional film+tv audition script to prepare each week.


Michael Bean: Founder and principal coach at Biz Studio, Michael is one of the best-respected coaches and teachers for young actors in Vancouver. A classically trained actor with an extensive film and television resume (IMDB), Michael is the author of “Confidence on Camera: A Handbook for Young Actors”, which is used by many local talent agents as a primer for clients new to the industry. Michael brings the same attention to detail as an instructor that he expects from his students, and his teaching style is characterized by an infectious enthusiasm for the craft.

“We always know when one of Michael’s students walks in the room; they just know what they’re doing.” -Casting director Kris Woznesensky

Alison Araya: Alison is one of the most in-demand audition coaches in Vancouver, and works regularly in film and television (Proof, Continuum, Supernatural, X-Men Origins – Wolverine, Watchmen, more on IMDB). Alison began acting as a teenager in her native Australia, enrolling in her late teens at the National Academy of Dramatic Arts in Rome, Italy. She also runs the Vancouver branch of the internationally acclaimed Anthony Meindl Actors Workshop, based out of Los Angeles. Her teaching style focuses on listening, and helping actors get out of their own way and discover the work they’re fully capable of.

Laura Bertram: Laura was on set full time from age twelve to seventeen as one of the leads on the Canadian TV series “Ready or Not”, and has been working steadily ever since (Andromeda, Robson Arms, Supernatural, more on IMDB). Recently she worked with Canadian comedy icon Seth Rogen on his film “50/50″. In addition to having first hand knowledge of what it takes to be a young actor, Laura is a licensed and practicing high school teacher in the Province of BC, and mother of a beautiful one year old boy.

Erica Carroll: Erica is a veteran teacher and working actor, whose training ranges from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles to The Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin,Ireland. As a regular reader for local casting directors Corinne Clark & Jennifer Page she has the opportunity to watch thousands of auditions a year, making her uniquely qualified to teach on-camera skills. Erica’s small screen credits include roles on Supernatural, Smallville, Fringe, Caprica, Battlestar Galactica, and Masters of Horror, just to name a few.