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Biz Studio Tutorial | Camera Technique: Mark

Download Tutorial (Quicktime MOV) | Next Tutorial: Eyeline >>> Mark: A line on the floor to indicate where an actor should stand for the camera. In an audition or on set there will almost always be a tape mark on the floor that shows you approximately where...

Casting Director Tiffany Mak

Vancouver Casting Director Tiffany Mak (IMDB) talks to the SpringBreak'12 class at Biz Studio about how she got into casting, how much influence she has in determining who gets cast, the process that she goes through when casting a new project, how she chooses people...

How much work is there for me? Part Two: Marketable Skills

It's the question that every actor wants a straight answer for. How much "potential" is there for me to book professional work? The full answer goes something like this. Being "marketable" in film and television requires four things: look -- a visual type that tells a...

Pantomime: Jerry Lewis “The Errand Boy” 1961

This clip from Jerry Lewis' "The Errand Boy" (1961) is a fantastic illustration of the comic acting style that was popular at the time, descended from stage comedy tradition of vaudeville. You can see influences of this style of comedy on modern television in the work...

What To Look For In A Talent Agent

What To Look For In A Talent Agent Biz Studio has a video "Web Gallery" of unrepresented students that goes out once a semester to all the most reputable local talent agencies, the ones that we trust to do good business (i.e. 15% commission, no agency fees, small-ish...

FAQ: Is it a scene study class? Is it an audition class?

FAQ: Is it a scene study class? Is it an audition class? Q: Is it an audition class? YES. Q: What about scene study? WE DO THAT TOO. Q: Okay what about emotional access and acting exercises? YEP. Q: How can you do all that in one class? WE ONLY TAKE SIX STUDENTS AT A...

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