The Scene Study class is for experienced performers and working actors looking for a more intense and focused training environment. The goal is to assist the actor in taking charge of their artistic practice and their career, and to offer practice material, exercises and support to help increase on-camera skills, build confidence, expand emotional availability, and grow artistic depth and range. Participation is by invitation or audition only. To arrange a 15min video audition Contact Us.

Film+TV Scene Study

Audition or Invitation Only

$240+GST/4 weeks
Ongoing Classes ⇢ Join Anytime
Winter Semester Jan9-Mar28

SATURDAYS 3:00-5:00 w. Michael Bean

DETAILS: Classes are held on Zoom, with a maximum of six students per class. Each class is two hours of on-camera exercises, audition practice and scene study. Classwork is recorded and shared weekly. Students are assigned a film+tv audition script to prepare for each class.

Students in the On-Camera Scene Study classes are expected to be 100% memorized, to have a clear understanding of story and character, to listen and react believably, to be able to give a naturalistic/believable performance, and be able to take direction (i.e. alter some aspect of the performance if asked to do so).

PRIVATE COACHING : As part of class, each student gets a 30min private session with one of our rehearsal coaches each week. We just started offering these a few months ago and it’s making a huge difference for students.

ACCESSIBILITY: One discounted “bursary” space is available in each class. Contact Us for details.

REGISTRATION: New students should fill out the Registration Form, then click on the link below to set up monthly payments via PayPal (3 x 4weeks; Jan-Mar). After we receive confirmation of registration, students will be emailed with their start date and Zoom link.

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QUESTIONS?: If you have questions about the classes that aren’t answered by the FAQ please feel free to Contact Us.

When in-person classes become available current online students will have the option of taking their remaining classes as in-person classes.

Online classes will continue to be available year-round.

Not sure what the right class is for you? Have you checked our Frequently Asked Questions?

Plans may change? No problem! Students who cancel a minimum of two weeks prior to the start of the class will be refunded 100% of their course fee.


What do you teach in your classes?


Q: Is it an acting class?
A: Yes.

Q: Is it an audition class?
A: Yes.

Q: Acting for commercials?
A: Uh-huh.

Q: Camera technique?
A: Lots of it.

Q: What about scene study?
A: Yes.

Q: How is that possible?
A: Because classes are so small that we can do All The Things, and do them well!

Q: Will it be the same class as last time?
A: No. Class is always changing, with new scripts and new exercises.

Q: Will we get to see video from the class?
A: Yes. Video from class is uploaded to a private page on the website each week.

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