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Download The Confidence on Camera Handbook

The most accessible Handbook yet.

“I love your book… When we interview actors we give them so much information, but it can sound like a foreign language to them. This is so great because it’s all there. Great job!!” -Dyan Woodhouse, Excel Talent

“This is a fabulous, informative read, which dispels the “mystery” surrounding being proactive in your career and gives insight into what you should expect as a professional actor.” -Casting Workbook eNews

“Michael Bean is brilliant.” -Stuart Aikins, Casting Director (Twilight, Mr. Young)

Download The Choosing A Talent Agent eBook

Information on how to approach a talent agent, proper resume formatting, and tips for headshots and demo reels.

Download The Extra Work eBook

Information on local “extras” agencies and how to get into “background” work.

You can also see our Tips & Tutorials including the excellent 10-part video series “Advice for Actors” by Casting Director Stuart Aikins.