Biz Studio | Subscription

At The Casting Place Studios, 33 E. 7th Ave, Vancouver BC
Max 6 Students Per Class | Double the one on one time at other schools.

Sept 16th/17th to Dec 9th/10th (no class on long weekends)
3 Instalments of $242

Sept 16th/17th to Dec 9th/10th (no class on long weekends)
3 Instalments of $242


Do what you love! Acting is a powerful way for young folks to build confidence and creativity and learn about themselves, by taking the *active* role in the kinds of stories that engage them the most. And if they’re keen… young actors have a real shot at getting work in the industry, now more than ever.

In this class, students will learn the real acting skills that young folks use to audition and work on set. This is not watching movies and playing games, this is professional skill-building for young folks (the fun version). Students are assigned practice scripts from real auditions to prepare for class and then get 1:1 support and coaching to help build their acting and auditioning skills.

Scenes are assigned to each student individually to get just the right mix of support+challenge for both new actors and more experienced ones. No experience is needed to join, only a willingness to learn, practice and play.

BIZ STUDIO has a twenty-year track record of helping students make their dream of working professionally in film and television a reality.

“We always know when a Biz student walks in the room; they just know what they’re doing.” -Kris Woz, Casting Director, Vancouver

“We received some big news: Lia booked a supporting lead in the upcoming Jason Reitman movie Tully. She will be playing the eldest of three children of Charlize Theron. We are in shock about this: so much has happened since her first acting class just two years ago! Thanks for all your support!” -Fia Voutsilakos, Mom, Vancouver

“I’m a talent agent and saw that our clients had great success with their training with you… so of course I chose your classes for my daughter!” -Amanda Rozak, Talent Agent, Lizbell Agency