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Free Student, Independent & Open Call Auditions for Kids+Teens. Updated Weekly.

Auditions are collected and re-posted from around the web (Vancouver Actors Guide, VPL, etc.). No agent is required to submit yourself for an audition, just email a resume and headshot (or clean 4″x6″) to the email address listed in each posting. Biz Studio does not verify these postings or the filmmakers behind them, they are presented just as we find them.

Why Actors Should Do Student & Independent Films

“Free” films like student and independent films are a great way for young actors to gain confidence, build their resume, and develop on-set skills that can only be learned with a full crew and professional camera equipment. Producers actively look at a resume when hiring new actors, and having a few independent or student films on there shows that an actor already has some exposure and knows what to do on set.

How to Read the Audition Postings

M = Male Role
F = Female Role
MF = Male + Female Roles
#-# = Age Range of Roles
“In Quotations” = Name of Character
ALL CAPS = Name of Project
Date = Deadline for Submissions