A video tutorial on how (and why) to make a taped audition by Biz Studio head coach Michael Bean. A taped audition is any audition that you record and submit to the casting director, instead of auditioning live and in person. Instead of renting a professional studio, you can tape these auditions yourself. All you need is access to a computer, a camera and some very basic software. You can even use the video function on your cellphone if you need to!

Benefits of taped auditions:

  • You’re in control
  • You can do multiple takes and choose the best one
  • Allows you to read for larger roles
  • You can use them to convince your agents or casting directors to bring you in for larger roles

What you need for your taped audition:

  • Clean background (uncluttered room or wall)
  • Basic lighting, and especially an “eye light,” a light that reflects in your eyes (a desk lamp will do)
  • Digital camera with video function, webcam or video camera
  • Computer
  • Blank DVD; you can purchase these at any drugstore or computer store

Step by step:

  1. Set up the camera, lighting and background
  2. Connect the camera to your computer
  3. Open a simple video recording/editing program like iMovie (Mac) or Windows MovieMaker (PC)
  4. Capture the video onto your computer
  5. Choose the best takes and delete the rest
  6. Burn a DVD with a program like iDVD (Mac) or WindowsMediaPlayer (PC) OR
  7. Use your video program’s “export” function to create a file you can upload to YouTube
  8. FedEx DVD to casting as per your agent’s instructions OR
  9. Email your agent a link to the YouTube video