Company: Capilano University
Producer: Sam Clowes
Director: Braelynn Simpson
Casting Director: Ali Hasibi


F 15-18 | Aurora: Aurora is a senior high school student who is very passionate about the jazz band she plays the saxophone for. She feels disrespected in the band because her efforts aren’t recognized by the band or Mr. Brisbee. She’s a major perfectionist, which makes her come across as a “teacher’s pet”. She’s the longest-tenured member of this jazz band and her ultimate goal is to play a solo part in their upcoming music festivals. However, Mr. Brisbee is hesitant to offer her that role due to the fact that Aurora is a conservative player and afraid to leave her comfort zone. (Actors who can play a jazz band instrument are given preference.)

M 15-18 | Lucas: Lucas is a sophomore high school student who is a laidback stoner. He’s only taking jazz band because he believes it is an easy credit. He plays the trumpet and is naturally talented. However, he’s not as hardworking as the other band members. He’s been given a solo by Mr. Brisbee, but he does not take that position as seriously as he should. He’s the opposite of Aurora in the sense that he does not put as much effort in, yet he receives more opportunities. (Actors who can play a jazz band instrument are given preference.)

M 15-18 | Stewart: Stewart is a junior high school student who plays piano in the jazz band. He sees himself as funny, but comes across as geeky and an outcast to others. (Actors who can play a jazz band instrument are given preference.)


Band Kids is a student short film about an under-funded and under-appreciated high school jazz band. The band conductor, Mr Brisbee, attempts to change the reputation of the band around the school by preparing them to play in an upcoming music festival. However, the conflicting personalities in the band make the task nearly impossible for Mr.Brisbee to accomplish while maintaining his mental sanity.


Please submit your headshot, demo reel, and any other information to Actors will be sent sides to tape with.


Actors who can play and own instruments are a bonus. All roles are OPEN ETHNICITY. Actors must be able to transport to Capilano University in a reliable fashion.

Submission Deadline: Mar 20
Project Type: Film
Audition Date(s): SELF-TAPES
Audition Location: Capilano University
Project Dates: March 23rd and March 24th (2 12 hour days)
Project Location: Capilano University
Compensation/Rates: Non-paid. No monetary compensation; demo reel footage, crafty & meals provided.
Union Status: Non-Union

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