Company: Creamo Films
Producer: Kevin Schultz, James Clark
Director: Kevin Schultz
Casting Director: Kevin Schultz, James Clark


F 16 | Samantha: Popular clique at school, but tries with every nerve to remain in there. Retains a certain level of independence from the clique in her personal life, and is the sidekick to the Queen Bee. She is only truly open with a few people, and uses sarcasm and dismissive sass as a emotional cloak.

F 16 | Lexi: This vapid, superficial queen bee is the talk of any guy around her, and the nightmare for any girl at school that isn’t at her level of popularity. Friend to Samantha for reasons not much more than to control her and beat her down, but Samantha stays her friend out of her own insecurities. Think Bart and Milhouse, or Regina George and Gretchen Weiners.

F 16 | Amanda: Artistic, kind, thoughtful, but not always the best decision maker. An unlikely friend to Samantha, but the kind of friend someone like her needs. A talented sketch artist, with a mind full of imagery, and plagued by bullying-assisted thoughts of depression. An outsider to Samantha’s clique, and a victim to Lexi’s bullying.


When 16-year old Samantha has the house to herself over the weekend, she plans a romantic night for her and her partner. However, when an intruder makes his way into her home, it’s fight or flight on a night that will change her life.


Please send your submissions with the name of who you are submitting for, and a piece of your work in a speaking role.

Submission Deadline: Mar 28
Project Type: Film
Audition Date(s): TBD- This is for submissions.
Audition Location: Online-Only
Project Dates: May 25-June 2
Project Location: Mission, BC.
Compensation/Rates: Minimum $50/day.
Union Status: NUBCP Agreement

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