Company: Capilano University
Producer: Mekelah Brown
Director: Nathalie Taylor
Casting Director: Reagan Giasson


F 16 | Young Girl: She is the guide throughout the house. Innocent, youthful, simple. Like everyones younger sibling.


A pizza delivery man knocks on the front door of a house with no response. Inside, a young girl takes notice and visits rooms around the house notifying the various people inside that dinner is here. Inside the bedroom, two girls braid each others hair, while one aggressive eats her own hair. In the living room, a lavishly dressed host entertains three guests who dance and gossip around the room. A middle-aged women alone in a dark room looks through a vanity mirror, her reflection is an older version of herself. Her reflection reaches through the mirror and applies a green moisturizer to her cheeks, it clears away the wrinkles and blemishes. The young girl knocks on the door and the women, now younger looking exists the room. A vogue dancer moves down the hallway snaking down the stairs in rhythmic patterns. Outside the backyard, a women ‘suntans’ under the moonlight while an elderly man in a garden of house lamps, ‘plants’ lightbulbs into the ground. Finally, the young girl answers the pizza man’s call and opens the door. The dinner party dines happily on….the pizza boy.


Please email headshots and resume. A reel would be great as well if you have one.


There is no dialogue in this screenplay but any dance or acting experience is a major plus! This is being shot as a fashion commercial for a local brand.

Submission Deadline: Dec 14
Project Type: Film
Audition Date(s): December 13th and 15th
Audition Location: Capilano University North Vancouver
Project Dates: January 24, 25, 26
Project Location: Vancouver
Compensation/Rates: Not paid
Union Status: Non-Union

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