Company: Q It Up Productions
Director: Quinton Foote
Casting Director: Quinton Foote


M 16-18 | Charlie McLean: Charlie McLean was best described as man who would perpetually gnash his teeth together in anger. His tall, muscular frame paired with his melancholia and anger made for unpredictable outlaw. His features were sharp with high cheekbones. He was most likely to show enthusiasm or happiness when committing a crime. As a young ingenious boy once angered Charlie, he proceeded to bite the nose off the young boy.

M 15-18 | Archie McLean: Archie was a mere 15 years old when he and the gang were terrorizing the Nicola Valley. He was big for his age and could drink most men under the table. He also had softer features much like his older brother but had a fair bit more education then the rest of the gang. He was in a constant state of humor and optimism to point of being ridiculous. He was a superb horsemen, better than both his brothers. What he had in skill, and optimism would be betrayed by age, being known to break down crying when things looked bleak.

M 16-18 | Alex Hare: Alex Hare who sometimes referred to himself as Dane English, was the only non-McLean but was accepted as one of their own. He was short and stocky, with harder features and a much darker complexion as his Mother’s Indigenous genes shined bright. He was always well armed, his revolver has the initials ‘A.J.H’ on the hilt. A large razor sharp Bowie Knife was attached to his hip.


The McLean gang is a true story taking place in the 1880’s throughout Kamloops and the Interior of BC. Given crime was significantly lower in Canada then the Wild West the United States faced, these three brothers and their friend standout as a unique piece of Canadian history.


The four lead characters were of Métis Citizenship, therefore those who apply with Métis status are strongly encouraged to do so. We will also be accepting those of Indigenous and Caucasian descent.

Please submit a head-shot, a little about yourself, and any relevant experience!

Submission Deadline: Dec 15
Project Type: Film
Audition Date(s): Upon request.
Audition Location: Online-only
Project Dates: Late summer of 2020
Project Location: Kamloops, BC
Compensation/Rates: Payment will be negotiated upon success of our Kick-starter Campaign. All travel, food, and lodging will be provided.
Union Status: Non-Union

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