Michael’s Note: This is a film created by a recent Biz Studio student, Justin Blais. His last film Detective George won “Best Elementary School Film” at the BC Student Film Festival in 2018, the quality of the filmmaking is exceptional for a thirteen year old. His new film “Benched” looks like it’s going to be a step up in terms of production value. This is a fantastic opportunity to work with a young filmmaker at the very start of his career.

Writer/Director: Justin Blais


M 11- 13 | Robbie: LEAD. Looks twelve years old. A friendly boy, who deeply wants friends and to be accepted by his peers.

M 11-13 | Kid 1: ANTAGONIST. Looks a little older than Robbie. A boy that seems alright and nice at first but does not care about including people or adding people to his friend group.

F 11-13 | Ella: Friends with Matthew and invites Robbie into their neighbourhood club.

M 11-13 | Matthew: Friends with Ella and invites Robbie to join their neighbourhood club.

M 7-9 | Baseball Kid: Hits a ball with a bat and says “thanks”

F 11-13 | Soccer Kid: Asks to get the ball back.


Robbie is tired of being unliked and invents a new sport to make friends. Robbie must learn not to force friendship and show his true heart otherwise he could end up benched on his own sports team.

SUBMISSIONS: Email resume and headshot to the director misterbirdynews@gmail.com
Submission Deadline: August 20th

Project Type: Independent Short Film
Audition Date(s): TBD
Audition Location: TBD
Project Dates: TBD
Compensation/Rates: Credit & Footage
Union Status: Non-Union