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Company: See Horse Films
Producer: Gloria Mercer, Andy Wong
Director: Gloria Mercer
Casting Director: Andy Wong


F 15-18 | Marion: Marion is a reclusive teenager. She lives in the city with her mom, who’s been hard to talk to lately. Marion is pragmatic and independent, but she’s starting to feel lonely. When she starts attending a new school, she’s drawn out of her shell by the alluring Cassidy. Despite enjoying the company, Marion can’t shake her suspicion that something’s not right.

F 15-18 | Cassidy: Cassidy is a down-to-earth teenager who grew up in a big family and spent a lot of time outside. She’s finds Marion enigmatic, and is determined to make friends quickly. But while Cassidy is great at making new friends, she’s not as good at staying close to people. When she starts to have feelings for Marion, she’s not sure what to do, or how to be honest with her new friend.


In the near future, cities are crowded, nature is sparse, and children attend school in hyper-realistic virtual reality. A teenage girl escaping a stifling home life befriends another student, but can’t be sure if her feelings are real or if this is another part of the simulation.


Please email resume, headshot, and/or acting real to seehorsefilms@gmail.com.

Acting experience is not necessary – we welcome your submission if you do not have the above materials. All roles are open ethnicity and we strongly encourage people of colour to apply.

Submission Deadline: Apr 3
Project Type: Film
Audition Date(s): April 6-7
Audition Location: 210 – 112 E 3rd Ave, Vancouver, BC
Project Dates: May 16-20
Project Location: Vancouver
Compensation/Rates: No monetary compensation, meals on set, IMDb credit, copy of final film.
Union Status: Non-Union

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