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Company: Templeton Secondary School
Producer: Gabby Alonso
Director: Evelyn Stephens
Casting Directors: Evelyn Stephens, Gabby Alonso, Sylvie Hopkins


M 17 | Oliver Lewis: 5’10″+, ginger/brunet hair, slim. Oliver is an ambitious, hard working, reserved person. He’s shy, and always puts his studies first. Oliver has had the same two or three friends since elementary school and has a hard time expanding his social horizons. He has no siblings, and no father. His mother works two jobs, and he’s never had much money. Growing up, he and Charlie have always had competitive mentalities: competing over everything they possibly can. Oliver always wins their little contests. The game gives Oliver an opportunity to a) receive a full ride to Dartmouth, and b) win one of their contests one last time.

M 17 | Charlie King: 5’10+, dark brunet, muscular/built. Charlie is extremely selfish. He will always put himself first, and doesn’t care about other people. He’s been with his girlfriend for a year and a half, but he hasn’t been faithful all that time. His father works for Dartmouth, and his mother is a doctor. His family has always been wealthy, giving Charlie no need for anxiety about his future. Although he and Oliver have been friends all their lives, Charlie only keeps him around because Oliver is a “convenient” friend. Charlie is excited about the game so that he can finally stick it to Oliver, and win a contest.

F 17 | Emily Hughes: 5’3″+, dirty blonde/brunette, curvy. Emily is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She’s down to earth and will always give you a hand with homework — you just have to ask. She has a 4.0 GPA, and has been accepted to a number of ivy league schools. Her and Oliver aren’t technically dating, they’re pretending to be a couple so that Oliver can compete in the game, as his previous girlfriend dumped him after the bet was already made. In exchange, Oliver agreed to come to her house for family dinners once in a while so that her parents think she has a boyfriend. Her whole high school life, she’s been pestered about not being social enough, and now her parents will be pleased.

F 17 | Kirsten Torres: 5’5″+, dirty blonde/blonde, slim. Kirsten is Charlie’s girlfriend of almost two years. He is her “ride or die”, and there’s no way she’s breaking up with him any time soon. She’s been loyal and honest throughout their whole relationship, but doesn’t know about his cheating and lying. She would do anything for him, and is glad to help him win the game against Oliver. Kirsten has a similar family situation to Charlie: wealthy, and no need to stress about what’s to come after high school. She’s considered the “school bitch”, and is not afraid to tell you her honest opinion of you.


When two high school seniors find themselves competing for a full ride scholarship to Dartmouth, the truth about their competitive friendship is uncovered. Charlie (who is very wealthy and was originally awarded the scholarship), and Oliver (who needs the scholarship much more than Charlie), both participate in a live streamed “game show” to find out who has a stronger and better relationship with their girlfriend, and the winner gets the scholarship. After learning that Oliver’s “girlfriend” (who he made a deal with to pretend to be his romantic partner for the sake of winning the scholarship), slept with Charlie, their friendship is tested. Charlie wins the scholarship, causing Oliver to outrage in a fit of anger and betrayal. Once Oliver declares that after 14 years of friendship he will no longer be in Charlie’s life, Charlie gets a call saying that his acceptance to Dartmouth has been revoked due to his inability to take the honour of receiving admittance and a full ride scholarship seriously.


If you are interested in auditioning, please contact Gabby Alonso at cloudygab@icloud.com, with your resume and headshots attached. If you would like to read for a specific role, please indicate so in your email, although we cannot guarantee that you will be reading for that role.

Submission Deadline: Dec 8
Project Type: Film
Audition Date(s): December 10-12, 2018
Audition Location: 727 Templeton dr
Project Dates: TBD
Project Location: TBD
Compensation/Rates: No compensation.
Union Status: Non-Union

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