MF 5-17 “Multiple Roles” in PLEASE DON’T SQUIRT | Nov 11

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Company: Templeton Secondary
Producers: Macy Moreno-Chow, Corin Browne, Eamonn Murphy
Director: Eamonn Murphy
Casting Director: Macy Moreno-Chow


M 16-17 | Harold: Generally smart, stoic, and judgemental. Adopts the role of his mother for his little sister, Doris. Extremely caring and playful while around Doris. Essentially if not for Doris he would be long moved out. Knows right from wrong, but his morals can be stretched if circumstances become dire enough. Concerned with his sister’s well being not money.

M 15-16 | Earl: Very impulsive, doesn’t put much thought into things before he does them. Likes materialistic things. Very loose morals. Banters with his grandmother. But doesn’t really care for her.

F 5 | Doris: Just an absolute rugrat. Essentially a little kid who’s both an ornery dog and cat at the same time. The only person she shows love to is her Brother, sparingly.


It is a Black Comedy that takes place in Seattle in the mid 2000’s, about two teenagers who rob senior citizens on the street with spray painted water guns for money.


Please contact Casting director Macy Moreno-Chow, her email is if you are interested. Thank you.

Submission Deadline: Nov 11
Project Type: Film
Audition Date(s): November 12, 15
Audition Location: Templeton Secondary 727 Templeton Drive
Project Dates: December 7-10th
Project Location: Vancouver
Compensation/Rates: No Compensation.
Union Status: Non-Union

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