F 16-18 “Shiqi” in SILENT LOVE | Nov 4

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Company: Emily Carr University
Producer: Tian Zhou
Director: Tian Zhou
Casting Director: Celine Zhang, Tian Zhou and Jun Cheng


F 16-18 | Shiqi: Shiqi(Asian) is the younger sister with autistic problems. The brother teach her how to cook, but she had hard time learning, and finally she tried to make a bowl of noodles for her brother to eat. Additional:If you can speak Mandarin, it will be the best. If not, it’s ok.


This story is about love between brother and sister. Jie is the brother, he lives with his younger sister Shiqi who has autistic problems. Their mother died giving birth to Shiqi, and their father is always on business trips in order to make money for Shiqi’s illness. As the big brother, Jie takes the responsibility of taking care of his sister. He has refused a good university offer because he doesn’t want to let her behind. Jie wants to help the family. On their daily lives, he would teach Shiqi how to make instant noodles in case she gets hungry and he is not around, but Shiqi had hard time learning. Shiqi doesn’t talk very much which causes difficult communication.


Auditions location is in Emily Car University Room D1375. Please email zhou.tian.karina@hotmail.com with your headshot (if applicable), resume, demo reel (if applicable) and your desired time to audition.


This film will be the student’s graduation work.

Submission Deadline: Nov 4
Project Type: Film
Audition Date(s): November 3th or 4th, 2018
Audition Location: Room D1375, Emily Car University (520 E 1st Ave, Vancouver)/ Self-Tapes Accepted.
Project Dates: November 13th , 14th and 15th ,2018
Project Location: Vancouver
Compensation/Rates: Non-Paid, Food/Snacks will be provided.
Copy of film given, demo reel material can be provided.
Union Status: Non-Union

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