MF 6-13 “Multiple Roles” in THE BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER | Aug 10

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Company: Naked Goddess Productions
Director: Tamara McCarthy
Casting Director: Tamara McCarthy


Beth Bradley – (11-14 to play 11/12) – narrates the play, strong voice and presence
Charlie Bradley – (8-12 to play 9/10) – Beth’s kid brother, good comedic timing
Ralph Herdman – (11-15 to play 12/13) – oldest of the Herdmans, tough, menacing
Leroy Herdman – (9-12 to play 10/11) – tough, sure of himself
Claude Herdman (9-12 to play 10) – Ollie’s partner in crime, rowdy
Ollie Herdman (9-12 to play 9/10) – Claude’s partner in crime, trouble maker
Gladys Herdman (7-11 to play 7/8) – the youngest Herdman, feisty, big personality
Maxine/Ensemble (9-13 to play 11) – narrates the pageant, strong voice, outgoing
Elmer/Ensemble (9-13 to play 10/11) – a kid in the pageant
Hobie/Ensemble (9-12 to play 9/10) – a kid in the pageant
Shirley/Ensemble (6-10 to play 6/7) – a kid in the pageant
Juanita/Ensemble (6-10 to play 5/6) – a kid in the pageant


The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, by Barbara Robinson, is a heartwarming and humorous tale of a town that has its annual Christmas nativity reenactment shaken up when the rowdy Herdman clan take over the play.


For an audition slot, please submit to:


There are many roles for children in this play. Please submit children who have some theatre experience or training. We encourage artists from all communities and backgrounds to submit.

Submission Deadline: Aug 10
Project Type: Theatre / Live Performance
Audition Date(s): August 17, 2018
Audition Location: 1212 Commercial Drive
Project Dates: Dec 5-16, 2018
Project Location: TBA
Compensation/Rates: Volunteer with possible honorarium
Union Status: Non-Union

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