F 10-12 “Multiple Roles” in HARGUN | Aug 12

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Company: Capilano University
Director: Gurleen Suri
Casting Director: Jasleen Sangha


F 10-12 | Hargun: A sweetheart, who despite her best efforts, fails to impress Syra and her group of friends and can’t make it into the cool kids’ crew. She leaves her best friend behind and despite her warnings, carries forward with trying to impress them. In her endeavors of “looking cool”, she takes certain actions which break her amends with her family and current friends, feeling completely alone and realizing the mistakes she’s made, she’s reminded who her support system is and is determined to get it back. Must be of south Asian ethnicity, specifically Punjabi.

F 10-12 | Gurmeen: Hargun’s best friend. She tries to warn Hargun about Syra’s bullying behaviour from the year before but the attempt is a fail. The type to let people make their mistake but warmly guides them if they ask for her opinions. A free spirit. Ethnically punjabi.

F 10-12 | Syra: A typical mean girl, she is the head of the popular crew. Takes pride in putting people down. Has superior complex and thinks the only way she can maintain her superiority is if her and her friends continue making everyone below her feel inferior. She feels the need to give her approval on everyone’s decision and keeps a close eye on the hierarchy of the classroom. If anything changes, Syra is the first to know about it. Ethnically Punjabi.

F 10-12 | Jaya: Syra’s best friend and is compliant with her bullying.

F 10-12 | Japjot: One of the friends that Gurmeen turns to when Hargun leaves.

F 10-12 | Parveen: Another friend Gurmeen turns to when Hargun leaves. Parveen and Tanvir are best friends. The two of them are easy going and drama free.


A bright young elementary school student, Hargun, has taken the mission upon herself to become a part of the popular kids. Leaving her old friends behind, she does everything in her power to impress Syra and her crew. Being rejected numerous times, she realizes who her true friends are and who she really is.


If interested, please email gurleenkaurr96@gmail.com and jasleensangha@my.capilanou.ca with your full name, headshot, resume, and your self-tape audition for your chosen role.

Submission Deadline: Aug 12
Project Type: Film
Audition Date(s): July 23rd, 2018- August 12th, 2018
Audition Location: Online-only
Project Dates: August 24, 25, 26, 27, 2018
Project Location: TBA
Compensation/Rates: Meals will be provided on the production days, and a copy of the finished film will also be provided after post production.
Union Status: Non-Union

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