MF 12-18 “Multiple Roles” in LINE OF FIRE | Feb 15

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Company: Line of Fire Films
Producer: Andy Alvarez
Director: Mike Johnston
Casting Director: Andy Alvarez


M 15-18 | PLAYER X (aka Dennis): A teenage boy obsessed with video games and currently the number #1 ranked ANTI-STRIKE player in the world. A heavy-set caucasian boy with little interest in physical activity or daily life, Dennis engages only with the players within the game community, as that is where he is safest and that is where he is a winner. The outside world is brutal to Dennis. But in the world inside the game, Player X is King. Despite having a police officer for a father, Dennis does not comprehend the seriousness of his actions – or simply chooses to avoid them. Believing that the colour of his skin will safe him from any criminal future or jail time. In Line of Fire, Dennis’ choice to prank a fellow gamer becomes deadly strategy.

OPEN 12-15 | PLAYER Y (aka Jamie): A tween-aged boy or girl who is new to the gaming community. His parents have recently gifted him his first gaming console, and is excited to learn the controls and meet new friends online. He is much to naive and young to understand much of the chatter online, but engages for the fun of the game. Jamie is an intellectual kid, the top of his class at school and the pride and joy of his parents. Born from parents who had nothing and now have more money than they have every had, they gift Jamie with as much as they can and reward him for his book smarts. A lucky win catapults Jamie to the top of the leader board and into Player X’s crosshairs and ultimately to an untimely demise.


Inspired by true events, a young gamer’s idea of a prank turns into a deadly case of mistaken identity.


Please submit a self-tape, resume and headshot to

Call backs will be scheduled in person for a later date.

Submission Deadline: Feb 15
Project Type: Film
Audition Date(s): Self-tape submission only. Call backs to be scheduled at a later date.
Audition Location: Self-tape submission only. Call backs to be scheduled at a later date.
Project Dates: April 7-8
Project Location: Kitsilano
Compensation/Rates: TBD – Can abide by UBCP Ultra-Low Budget Agreement.
Union Status: Non-Union

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