F 15-18 “Jenny” in ACEDIA | Dec 8

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Company: ECLECTIC47
Director: Collin Kortschak
Producers: J.W. Cole and Nick Meunier
Casting Director: Jessica Cole


F 15-18 | Jenny: A timid, nervous teenage girl who calls the police in distress after her house is robbed. No physical limitations aside from age.


Acedia is a (mostly) silent film that takes a look at how apathy and inaction afflict everyday life. The story follows Fopper, a lazy, inactive man who spends most of his time watching TV, ordering takeout, and letting clutter accumulate in his apartment. From his home, he witnesses many crimes and misdoings, each worse than the last. Able but unwilling to do anything, he later finds himself the victim of his own sin when his neighbours refuse to help him in a time of need.


Please send a headshot, resume, and reel to production@ECLECTIC47.com. If you do not have a reel, please record yourself reading a scene/monologue with someone else. The scene can be from absolutely anything – almost all of the roles are non-speaking so we just want to see your range and ability to… well, act! There are no sides to accompany the auditions.

We must receive a headshot, resume, and some form of reel/scene for your audition to be considered.

Submission Deadline: Dec 8
Audition Date(s): Must receive auditions by Dec 8 at noon. Callbacks are TBD, may cast directly from online auditions.
Audition Location: Online only
Shoot Dates: Jan 13/14 2018
Shoot Location: Vancouver
Compensation/Rates: No pay. Roles are minor, less than half day shoot for most.
Union Status: Non-Union

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