MF 14-18 “Multiple Roles” in LIZ AND CY | Dec 14

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Company: Dream Big Production (Templeton Secondary)
Director: Kaylayla Raine
Producer: Brandan Chin
Casting Director: Brandan Chin, Kaylayla Raine


F 16-18 | Marie: Open ethnicity, Cy’s younger sister. She is hardworking, intelligent and disciplined. She never really wanted anything more than to be a normal teen doing normal teen things. Instead, she got sucked into helping Cy support the household through theft and crime. Marie is gentle, kind and soft. She’s an honest person by nature who just wants to chip in and do what she can to help the brother who raised her. Enamoured with JOEY. [SUPPORTING LEAD]

OPEN 14-18 | Joey: Open ethnicity, a meeker person of slighter stature. They’re confident in themselves yet awkward and less honed in their craft than the others in their gang of theives. A witty character with good comedic timing who’s always good for a laugh. They’re a sort of protege of Liz and Cy’s who was taken under their wings as a petty thief. Madly in love with MARIE. [SUPPORTING]


Set in 2017 this quirky, crime drama retells the classic story of Bonnie and Clyde. Following the lives of the two lovers and their merry gang of pickpockets and petty thieves in the city. It focuses primary on the relationships between Cy and Liz and his sister, Marie. The effect that his guilty conscious has on the lives of himself and his loved ones plays a crucial part in the situations they get caught up in and how they are resolved.


To submit please email your resume and/or an electronic copy of your headshot, as well as please specify the part(s) you’re submitting for to the email below. Feel free to submit up to and on the days of audition.
Brandan Chin (


While some of the characters have genders listed, if there is a part that you feel like submitting for that may not be what you identify as, please feel free to still submit for it. We are open to people of all genders and ethnicities for all the characters in this film and are committed to diverse representation.

Submission Deadline: Dec 14
Audition Dates: December 12th and 14th
Audition Location: Templeton Secondary School
Shoot Dates: January 19-22, 2017
Shoot Location: East Vancouver (various locations)
Compensation/Rates: This in an unpaid student short film. We will provide an electronic copy of the film for reel purposes, as well as meals on set.
Union Status: Non-Union

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