F 15-18 “Multiple Roles” in KAORUKO | Dec 7

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Company: University of British Columbia
Director: Mia Miller
Producer: Joshua Lam
Casting Director: Joshua Lam


F 15-18 | KAORUKO WATANABE: An independent spirit who finds solace in Western culture, She uses this to escape from her oppressive traditional family and school bullies.

F 17-18 | YOSHIKO WATANABE: Kaoruko’s older sister, she follows the rules and ridicules those who don’t. She believes that she’s the better daughter.


In the depths of rural 1969 Japan, a young Kaoruko has to defy her father’s traditional values to experience a
Western-centric phenomenon: the moon landing of Apollo 11.


Please include your acting CV, demo reel, and head shots if available. You must be fluent in Japanese! kaorukofilm@gmail.com


Submission Deadline: Dec 7
Audition Dates: December Monday 4th, 5th, and 7th 2018
Audition Location: Theatre and Film Production Building 6358 University Boulevard at UBC
Shoot Dates: January 13th-14th 2018
Shoot Location: Vancouver
Compensation/Rates: The compensation included with this project would be IMBD credits, meals, and a copy of the film after post-production. As well as gaining some experience in acting for beginner performers, and creating a wider East Asian presence on the Silver Screen.
Union Status: Non-Union

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