MF 8-13 “Multiple Roles” in MILK MILK LEMONADE | Dec 12

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Company: Awkward Stage Productions
Director: Seamus Fera
Producers: Sarah Harrison and Erika Babins
PLaywright: Joshua Conkel


MF 11 | Emory: An effeminate 11 year old who dreams of leaving the chicken farm and getting on Star Search

MF 8-13 | Elliot: A typical boy down the road. Has a parasitic twin living in his leg.


Please prepare 1 monologue (1-2 minutes) by an LGBTQ playwright or one that deals with queer themes, 16 bars of a song from the 1970s, and a short creative piece (1-2 minutes) about being an “other”

Awkward Stage Productions encourages performers from all cultures, races, ethnicities, and gender identities, mental and physical abilities to apply for an audition.


Contact Sarah Harrison at


a) every role is open to all genders. Awkward Stage Productions strongly encourages artists of the LGBTQ and queer communities to audition.

b) the roles of Emory, Linda and Lady must feel comfortable with dancing and Lady must be able to sing a solo song.

Submission Deadline: Dec 12
Audition Dates: Dates: December 14 th10am-2pm OR December 17th 6pm-10pm
Audition Location: Arts Umbrella Granville Island – 1286 Cartwright St
Shoot Dates: May 23rd-26th
Performance Location: CBC Studio 700
Compensation/Rates: None
Union Status: Non-Union

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